Top Three Life Lessons After Death

As this chapter in my life comes to a close, three life lessons came to fruition in this time of sorrow. My aunt’s death undeniably gave me a new perspective on life.

The first lesson I learned was to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My aunt was a hard worker since she immigrated to Canada and only retired because of the pandemic. My aunt worked a lot, so much that she was capable of providing for her family here in Canada, America and Jamaica. As good as that was, when do you stop prioritizing everyone and start prioritizing yourself?

Donna Summer 1983

Yes, she did treat herself to the most lovely things and travel; but she still put everyone else first.
I learned that work is not the be-all, end-all. Learn to enjoy your hard work and put yourself first. I always say;

You can make back the money but you can’t make back the time.

Natalie Nadeen

Buy that bag! Take that trip! Treat yourself!

I believe in this western society; we focus too much on working to survive that we forget to live and exist. I’m one of those people. Since I was 16, it has always been work and school for me, but not anymore. I vow to enjoy life more and not get caught up in the grind. I will enjoy the fruits of my labour, and if a job no longer serves me, I will walk away. The time has come to seize the day and enjoy what this world offers.

The second lesson I learned was to let people in and allow people to love you.

Many Caribbean people grew up saying we aren’t supposed to share our business, and they don’t tell people when they are feeling unwell. Many of us keep things inside and put a wall up, not allowing space for vulnerability. However, that should not be the case. I’m not saying we should trust every and anybody. But, we should find those who speak to our souls and whom we can trust. I have seen firsthand the number of people who came out and loved my aunt. As private as she was, so many spewed their love for her, and it makes me wonder how much love people had to give her? Can you imagine, if this was the amount of love for someone guarded, think about that being doubled or tripled if her guard was down?

Let people love you.

Natalie Nadeen

Love is beautiful when it comes from the right person or people. As someone who usually has their guard up, I know what it’s like to love from a distance. But seeing how it feels to let the right people in and allow them to care and love me is a different feeling that I would never want to let go of, whether momentarily or long-term.


The misconception of time ( this will be my first podcast episode when I return).
We don’t have as much time as we think; it’s just that simple. As the famous saying goes,

Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today?


Unconsciously, we all seem to have this mentality that we are immortal. Nothing will happen to us, and we have time to sort things out. That is not always the case for a lot of us. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, and we cannot go back in time and change what has already been done. Do what needs to be done if you have time and the opportunity to get things done now! Don’t wait for the next day, week, month, or year. That time may never come.

Let me know in the comments what is one or more life lessons we should all follow. It’s time for us to start living better together!

2 thoughts on “Top Three Life Lessons After Death

  1. Natalie N as I read your post tears streamed down my face. Like you, I have learnt a lot since the passing of Mom 54 days ago. I now have a different perspective on life. I endeavour to LIVE the life I ❤️ LOVE, and love the life I LIVE!

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  2. I love this so much, and yes a hard but beautiful end to a chapter. Thank you for being so transparent and vulnerable. Pray for full healing and that you will be filled with nothing but joy when you think about her.

    Lessons I’ve learned from loved ones passing… you have to live with yourself forever. So don’t sacrifice your person to satisfy other.

    Stop anything you think you’ll regret later as soon as possible. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve… won’t cut it when you get to them gates.

    And I Second… Love people while you can to the best ability you can.

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