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Where Do I Go From Here?

I have better knowledge and understanding of my field and where to go from here, but where do I go from here?

As I reflect on this school year, I feel like Whitley and Dwayne in the final episode of A Different World. Looking out on everyone (virtually, that is), emotional because I’ve come to the end of the road yet again.

Series finale of A Different World 1993

This time, however, it feels different. This time around, I have better knowledge and understanding of my field and where to go from here, but where do I go from here?

When I graduated from York University in 2019, I felt a sense of accomplishment after completing five years of studies. However, I also felt lost because I had no real-life experiences; no past assignments that I could use as examples; no person that I could look up to or have as a mentor.

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When I went to York U, I did my undergrad in Communication Studies, but it was more theoretical than practical. I was ultimately in the dark when I left, not knowing where to turn. I ended up back in retail and back to square one.

Graduation day from York University 2019

Fast forward three years later; approaching the end of the semester this second time around, I’m wondering where to go from here. I now have the qualifications and am more experienced, but how do I apply them?

More questions come to mind… When do I apply them? Do I look for a job right away? Do I need an internship? Do I treat myself and go on vacation? Do I take a break? There’s so much to do with so little time to do it.

A part of me feels like if I don’t act now on my career, I’ll fall behind with difficulties catching up. The other part of me feels like if I work now, when will I have time for myself?

Jamaica 2016

The semester comes to an end in a couple of days; however, I can’t decide right away what I want to do. I feel as though I will take the rest of this month to assess and plan out what I want to do.

It’s time to clear my mind and figure out my next steps.

Comment down below and let me know what your next steps will be.

By Natalie Nadeen

Blogger. Podcaster. Believer of Living UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Lover of the 90s.

One reply on “Where Do I Go From Here?”

Natalie never cease to pray. Ask God for direction!

A Vision Board is a great tool in mapping out short and long term goals.


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